Cell Phone Bluetooth Headset Handsfree

Bluetooth Headset allows you to safely drive while talking on your cell phone!


With our bluetooth headset device, you can use your cell phone handsfree while you are driving. To answer a call, simply tap it once, and to reject a call, just tap it twice. Bluetooth Headset easily fits in your ear just like normal earphone earbuds. Listen to the other person and talk as if they were right next to you. Our bluetooth headset is so small, its almost impossible for anyone to notice youre wearing it on your ear. Now you can easily talk on the phone while youre at the grocery store pushing a car, while at the mall shopping, or anywhere you want without having to hold your cell phone.

Just charge it up for 1 hour, and it will stay powered in standby mode for 2-3 days!  You can talk over 6 hours at a time on a full charge. Comes with USB charging cable to connect to your computer or any USB compatible device. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and still be connected. You can even be up to 10 yards away and it will still stay connected to your cell phone.

Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset Simple to Use

Our bluetooth headset device is very easy to use. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds and turn your bluetooth function on your cell phone. Instantly pairs with your cell phone and youre all ready to talk. When you want to turn it off, you hold down power button for 3 seconds until it blinks red, and its shut off.

Audio voice quality on our handsfree bluetooth headset is very good. The quality is so great, we have tested it on many cell phones, and the voice quality was actually better through our bluetooth device than through the cell phone.

Not only is our bluetooth device convenient to use, but also keeps you safer and your head away from the dangerous radiation your cell phone gives off.

Bluetooth Headset will work on ALL cell phones that are bluetooth compatible.


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